Effective & beautiful creativity for the web. Solutions to help you tell your story.

I’m a BAFTA winning designer & sometimes developer, runner, sucker for singer‑songwriters and lover of shiny things. I also make a good cuppa.

Hey there, my name is Dale Morrell. I've a decade of experience in digital design, and am currently senior designer at Rocket, after near on 7 years at Iris Associates (now Jaywing), two lovely design agencies in Sheffield.

I’ve worked with many brilliant clients; big, small, regional and national, from quite a diverse list including Channel 4, BBC, Yorkshire Water, Aviva, Hitachi and JELD-WEN. Whilst not forgetting many a University to boot.

I live in Sheffield, and was born and raised there. I call a spade a spade, and enjoy running until my feet are sore, taking photos and listening to good music.

I specialise in visual and UI design for web and mobile, to create something that’s simple to use. Oh, and is pretty too.

Officially, I make one of the best cuppas around, and can usually be found listening to anything by this man, on an endless loop.

You want to get in touch?

The best way to get in touch with me, would be via twitter (@dalem), just follow me, I'm happy to reply (if you're good looking).

If you prefer good 'ol email, then please send to dale at nibbble dot com.

If you prefer good 'ol post, then I'm afraid your flat out of luck, unless you want to send me a love letter or an envelope of cash… then we can talk.